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You’re probably wondering who I am, and why I started this website. Well I’m a trucker, and when theĀ Federal Government decided to introduce the TWIC Card, there wasn’t much information around about it. I had to troll through forums, blogs and message boards, to piece together what information I could, about it. After I had gathered all the information, I realized I couldn’t just keep it to myself, so I created this site as a way to help other truckers like myself, to be properly informed about what be required of us, and most of all as a repository of information and links to places for more information about the system, which you can find on the more informationĀ page at http://twicinformation.com/?page_id=9.

Trucker Company that is the TWIC is about e provide truck services with great deals and good and new
trucks for our clients.

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